Wilder And Hunt specialise in nutrient-dense real food, meaning no grains, no sugars, and no artificial ingredients.

Wilder and Hunt are about convenience health food, supplied by means of wholesale, retail and a food truck.

“Here at Wilder and Hunt we envision a healthy world starting from the inside out, enabling ‘real people’ to be the best version of themselves and it starts with a better relationship with food.

We deliver high nutrient dense real food for the fast lifestyle, bringing a healthy and sustainable option to the table,” founder and managing director Amy Wilder said.

Wilder and Hunt take the best quality ingredients from the purest parts of the world and add value to it. Wilder and Hunt aim to protect New Zealand’s ecosystem, health and community that makes our country unique and valued as a brand worldwide. By sourcing from local farms and growers where possible, but also ingredients from neighbouring countries such as Fiji, customers can trust that Wilder and Hunt have sourced the best to give to their body.

“Our mission and values boils down to the broadly quoted mantra of American food writer Michael Pollan: ‘Eat food; not too much; mostly plants – EAT REAL FOOD’,” Wilder said.

Wilder and Hunt’s muesli range includes Activated Nuts & Seeds, Protein Nutola, Chia Nut Bircher, and Cocoa Seed Crunch. Other products include kumara seed crackers, nut butters, and relish.

Stockists include New World, Nosh Food Market and Farro Fresh.

For more information contact Amy Wilder on 0212705151 or email amy@wilderandhunt.co.nz.