Humble Honey Soda has arrived, a drink that tastes better, feels better and is better for the world we live in.

With just seven humble natural ingredients, Humble Honey Soda is a replenishing soda that promotes wellbeing, nurtured by the goodness of honey bees. Inside every bottle is two teaspoons of Kamahi honey, a honey with complex flavours produced on the West Coast of the South Island, mixed with spring water and a touch of lemon.

With the world’s bee population in rapid decline, Humble Honey Soda wants to make a difference and help improve the plight of the local honey bee. In short, Humble is dedicated to saving the bees. For every bottle sold Humble will assist with bee pollination. Humble is working with beekeepers to put hives in schools and local communities, with schools having the opportunity to be part of the nurturing program, learning about bees, collecting honey and fundraising. Humble is also finding ways to grow more flora and fauna to nurture the environment bees require to thrive.

Humble Honey Soda is available at food stores throughout New Zealand.