Huffman’s sauces have been crafted to lift the flavours in a wide variety of foods and beverages. They work as seasonings bringing balance and harmony and can be used both as an ingredient and as a condiment. They are a shelf stable without the use of artificial preservatives or stabilizers without artificial flavours or a reliance on sugar or other nasties.

Huffman’s Crafty Sauces include Huffman’s Spiced Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup, Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce, and Huffman’s Original Chilli Pepper Not Too Hot Sauce.

Huffman’s use only the finest natural ingredients. Their vinegar takes the team at the distillery in Christchurch nine months to naturally ferment before being distilled and brought to the kitchens, and fresh Kaffir lime leaves, used in Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce, are delivered within a day or two of picking by Kaffir Limes Co. who grow them on the Kapiti Coast.

Stockists include Farro Fresh, New World, and Moore Wilson’s.

For more information contact Huffman’s on 021 464 251.