The Damson Collection grew from an evening spent round Tom and Margie Chambers’ dinner table with friends. Tom introduced Margie to Damsons after growing up with them in the West Midlands of England, growing his first hedgerow in New Zealand in order to make his family favourite, damson liqueur. Faced with a glut of damson plums from their garden and the deliciousness of damson liqueur on their palates, the desire to introduce everyone to this flavoured fruit was too huge to ignore. Thus the decision to not only grow damsons commercially, but to cook the fruit and sell the final product, was made.

In 2006, Tom planted his first damson orchard. Since then, The Damson Collection has produced products which won Cuisine Artisan awards in 2010 and 2011, for their Damson Paste and Damson Jam. The whole range is free of additives and preservatives and most items are gluten free.

“Our range is made in our commercial kitchen on the orchard in Hawkes Bay. We are New Zealand’s premium Damson brand, available to you online, through artisan food stores, corporate gift companies, and selected supermarkets throughout New Zealand,” general manager Margie Chambers said.

The Damson Collection range includes paste, liqueur, chocolates, jelly, jam, sauce, coulis, vinaigrette, terrine, relish and toffees.

“The Damson Plum Relish is sweet, sour and spicy with a touch of heat at the end,” Margie said.

Looking ahead, further research and development is being undertaken on another two products, and the company hopes to start exporting in the near future.

For more information contact Margie Chambers on +64 6 211 0931, +64 273 150 700 or email sales@thedamsoncollection.co.nz.