NZ Artisan Awards: FAQs

The New Zealand Artisan Awards is a national food and beverage awards programme tailored to artisanal producers. The Awards offer broad opportunities for New Zealand artisanal producers to leverage success locally and internationally with the seal of approval from the judging panel chaired by SupermarketNews publisher, Tania Walters.


  • All entries will be judged and if they meet the criteria they will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze awards which are in recognition of category excellence.
  • Award-winning producers will be provided with a PR media release to assist with promoting their success.

  • All award winners will go into final judging for the SUPREME WINNER of the Inspire+ New Zealand Artisan Award.



  • Industry recognition of your successful artisanal product innovation.
  • Increased influence within the industry.
  • Enhanced brand prestige.
  • Enhanced brand profile.
  • Feature in SupermarketNews or Restaurant & Café magazine for each Gold, Silver or Bronze award winner.

*Terms and conditions apply.


All non-ambient food products are to be delivered via a suitable and appropriate food transport vehicle. Food products that require temperature control must be delivered in a vehicle that maintains the temperature in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

Entrants are required to submit three samples of each variant of their product entry. You will be given A DATE TO SEND your product, do not send with entry. Please refer to Key Dates at the bottom of this page.

Additional product may be required should judging for the Supreme Award require it. Entrants will be notified with ten working days' notice to deliver the additional products. Unopened surplus products within their use-by date or best before date may be given to charities that facilitate the timely distribution of food to people in need.

All entries are blind tasted for taste and mouth appeal, then judged on the packaging, innovation and fit for purpose criteria.

All entries must be 100% New Zealand produced and commercially available using local ingredients in retail grocery or food service at the closing date of entry. The judges accept that some ingredients and/or packaging are not available in New Zealand in commercial quantities, therefore imported ingredients are allowed where seasonal supply or ingredient/s unavailabilities in New Zealand apply.

All individual units supplied for judging must have a use-by or best before date.

Products must be clearly labelled with any allergen information.

Award-winning producers may be requested to provide additional products for photography for feature articles and press releases.

Can I enter a product I've previously entered? Yes, due to our new Bronze, Silver, Gold awards, we are allowing previously entered products this year.


Depending on your category (i.e Frozen), you will have a unique delivery date to suit.

Q: "I've entered a product into the Sauce Category, when do I deliver it?"
A: If it requires refrigeration, it will need to be delivered on the Chilled Date. If it is an ambient product, please deliver on Ambient Date.

Q: "Can I deliver my entry now?"
A: NO. We will not have sufficient space available until August to host the judging. We will not be able to store any early deliveries.

Q: "What if I deliver my product late?"
A: We completely understand that there may be delays with deliveries. Please let us know so we can work out a solution with you. Late delivery without prior approval, may be excluded from judging.


  1. Degree of innovation: In what way does your product represent an advance or improvement on what has gone before? Is it a breakthrough? Is it a fresh concept? How is it artisanal?

  2.  Fit for Purpose: How well does your product fulfil its purpose?  What are the results of its use? How does it improve the end-user experience?

  3.  Visual appeal and Taste: How well does your product appeal to the end user’s senses? Is it attractive and well presented? Does it taste better than other products in the category?

  4.  Value: How does your product represent value for the user? How does the price compare to other similar products?

  5. Shelf-life and storage: How well has your product performed in the marketplace?

  6. Relevance and Packaging: Innovation? Sustainable Design?

  7. Distribution and availability: What distribution channels already exist for your product? What systems do you have in place to meet demand?


Complete the digital entry form. Wait for product delivery instructions to be emailed to you. (Please note: delivery dates are time-sensitive depending on your food category. Products that arrive later than the stated due dates may be excluded from judging. No products will be returned.)