New Zealand Winegrowers Fellows 2023 Announced

Saint Clair

Saint Clair Family Estate is thrilled to announce that founders Neal and Judy Ibbotson were announced as 2023 New Zealand Winegrowers Fellows, awarded for their outstanding contribution to the New Zealand wine industry alongside three other deserving individuals. 

This awards ceremony took place at Altogether Unique, a celebration event on  November 1st. Judy and Neal Ibbotson, amongst Dr David Jordan, Peter Holley, and Mal  McLennan, are all remarkable individuals celebrated as modern pioneers of the  New Zealand wine industry, selected for their exceptional contributions that have nourished the industry over decades. This celebration event serves as a platform to honour their outstanding contributions to the New Zealand wine industry. 

The selection of these distinguished 'Fellows' is a testament to their unwavering dedication,  innovation, and significant impact on the New Zealand wine landscape. Their commitment to excellence and pioneering spirit have played a pivotal role in shaping the industry's evolution and growth. 

In addition to the event, the 2023 Fellows will also be featured in the latest edition of the New  Zealand Winegrower magazine, where their inspiring stories and achievements will be shared with the broader wine industry. 

Saint Clair is delighted that Judy and Neal Ibbotson’s unwavering contribution to the New Zealand wine industry has been recognised by colleagues and peers and looks forward to celebrating this success.