New RMP Programme Templates From MPI


MPI and New Zealand Food Safety (NZFS) have published an amendment to the Risk Management Programme (RMP) Templates for dairy products and micro abattoirs. 

More information for dairy products can be found here, and for micro abattoirs, click here

The NZFS has shared its thanks to the industries for the support it received on the RMP templates developed to align with the outcomes of regulatory redesign, which came into effect on the first of November, 2023. The changes additionally aim to improve the usability and readability of the templates for users.

The published templates are now available on the MPI website for use. Those within either industry must transfer their practices to these to meet these regulatory requirements. The NZFS stated that updating to meet the regulatory requirements will be a minor amendment and doesn’t require notification to MPI. 

NZFS further acknowledged that due to the RMP templates being published shortly after the first of November, those in either industry will need time to update their RMP to meet the updated requirements. To provide time to transfer over to the new template, NZFS has asked verifiers to provide a three-month grace period from the date the new template is published.