EasiYo Yogurt have launched two new High Protein Yogurts. The new variants are high in protein with 17g protein per 200g serve. That’s 1/3 of recommended protein needs in every serve.*

EasiYo Protein Yogurts come in two varieties – Unsweetened and Coconut Flavour with Coconut Bits.  Both have a Five Health Star Rating and are low in fat.

To support the EasiYo Protein Launch, EasiYo are also launching a limited edition Protein Starter Pack, with a Black Yogurt Maker, black lid jar and a Protein Unsweetened Yogurt base sachet included.

Coinciding with the Protein launch is also EasiYo’s New Greek Style Coconut & Lime flavour Yogurt Base.  With 8.1g sugar per 100g, EasiYo Greek Style Coconut & Lime has 40% less sugar than EasiYo Greek Style Coconut Flavour Yogurt Base with Coconut Bits, while still delivering a delicious and creamy yogurt.

For more information contact your KML Representative.

* Based on the Recommended Daily Intake of 50g under Standard 1.2.8-8 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code