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For Aisha

For Aisha is the number one halal baby food brand in the UK and the only brand where every single product line in its range is certified halal.

For Aisha’s products are all made with 100 percent natural ingredients, exotic recipes, gluten and dairy-free, and SugarWise-approved.

”For Aisha takes your little ones on a journey to explore, embrace and taste,” said Émelyne Bradley, Commercial Director.

Since 2015, For Aisha has offered a wide range of pouch and tray meals, catering for children and babies from seven months to the age of three. Each product can be stored at ambient temperature, eaten hot or cold, and on the go.

All meals are dairy, gluten, soya, egg-free, and nutritionist-approved by award-winning dietitian and television presenter Priya Tew.

Bradley continued that exotic dishes from around the world inspire each dish. With its broad and loyal customer base, who’s needs are uniquely served by the brand.

For Aisha

“Our heartland is meeting the needs of Muslim parents who are searching for a baby food that meets their religious beliefs and can give their young ones a nutritious and balanced diet.”

After expanding into the snack and finger food category, For Aisha has crafted a brand-new line of gluten and nut-free Oaty Bars. The new vegan flavour range includes Blueberry and Lime, Broccoli and Apple, and For Aisha’s most renowned flavour combination of Banana and Coconut.

For Aisha has also expanded the current product line further with exotic fruit and vegetable 100g pouches to meet the needs of babies four months and older who are starting on their weaning journey.

In a stagnant wet baby food market, For Aisha is passionate and committed with its clear vision and mission to make a difference.

“We have noticed a gap in ethnic offering and baby meals with flavours that would diversify the palate of little ones.”

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