Anuga Spotlight | OTHERLY


OTHERLY is both a mindset and a place. Crafted oatm*lk chocolates and founded by Calum Haggerty, OTHERLY's ethos is centred on the belief that differences and oddities should be celebrated. It has brought that belief to life in its fantastical world filled with characters where no rule is followed and no logic can't be broken.

When everyone embraces their OTHERLY side and celebrates what makes them different, endless possibilities, activity, and harmony can be achieved.

Created with bespoke characters by artist Tomi Um, this world consists of many distinct places: the beach, the moon, the jungle, and the city, with the possibility of more being added in the future, for example, the underwater, ice caves, a party in the clouds, and more.

There's the usual way of doing things. And then there's the other way. There's the straight road. Then there's that other path. OTHERLY encourages all to take the unconventional way, dubbing it the OTHERLY way.

OTHERLY embraces its ethos by using oats instead of dairy for its chocolate, catering to growing consumer needs for plant-based, dairy-free chocolate.

A B Corp-certified oatm*lk chocolate company, it currently offers four core flavours: Salted Caramel, Plain Oatm*lk, Cold Brew Coffee, and Sea Salt. These core flavours are available in three sizes: 130G, 80G, and 25G.

In addition to its core flavours, it will soon introduce its seasonal Gingerbread bar, which will come in an 80G size.

What sets its chocolate apart is its use of oat powder. OTHERLY creates delicious plant-based chocolate without compromising taste or texture by incorporating oat powder. The oat powder enhances the cocoa's flavour notes, providing a creamy consistency.

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