The 2017 drinktec trade fair will once again present pioneering filling technology for beverage, milk and liquid food producers, with a particular focus on sustainablilty, resource consumption and hygiene. For the first time SIMEI, a wine technology trade fair, will be integrated with drinktec and will showcase technology specific to the wine industry. In the drinktec Forum, experts from research and development will discuss what the future holds for the sector.

Three major filling technology trends are emerging, which will be addressed at the forum: product safety through hygienic design, maximizing filling performance and strengthening sustainability and reducing consumption of materials. “This is being made possible through continuous improvements along the entire product route, for example, by increasing the degree of automation of filling valves or by using intelligent filling valve components,” said Thomas Ricker, Director at Krones.

There will also be discussion surrounding products with the lightweight properties of a PET bottle but with the strength properties of glass. Innovations like a lightweight 1-liter PET bottle for milk and milk-based beverages can be filled aseptically, protect the product, reduce production costs and are fully recyclable.

Aseptic filling is emerging as the favoured filling method. Aseptic filling is hugely versatile and can be used in a number of ways, depending on the criteria of the operator.