SIAL China, Asia’s largest food and beverage exhibition, in cooperation with SIAL’s trends and innovation partner, XTC World Innovation, has released the 2016 annual food innovations and trends analysis report. Specific market insights from the report were discussed with local experts at seven SIAL China press conferences, held across Asia. In 2016, innovations in health and value-added products were leading in Asia and worldwide. Value-added innovations represented in more than one out of two food products, while health focussed products increased from 2015 and accounted for a third of the innovative offerings. This was shown to be largely driven by shifting consumer trends over the last decade. Value-added innovations appear at all levels including sophisticated recipes, use of rare, high-quality ingredients or select ingredients, production processes calling for great know-how, attractive packaging and design reflecting exclusivity. It also includes products that are fun, intriguing, surprising, entertaining or interactive.

In the Chinese market, according to XTC data, value-added innovations accounted for 56.4 percent, while health products represented 24.6 percent, the top two trends compared favourably to physical, convenience, and ethics in 2016. These trends have not gone unnoticed at SIAL China. SIAL Innovation, as one of the most popular events at SIAL China, last year attracted a record-breaking 353 participants and 193 exhibitor submissions. In total, 151 innovative products were selected by a jury, of which ten were selected to be finalists for their contributions to Asia’s food product innovation. For SIAL 2017, SIAL Innovation will be on full display in Hall E3. For more information visit