20 Minutes With Ensystex


Steve Broadbent, Regional Director, Ensystex

Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director for Australia, SE Asia, South Africa and the Gulf region, has spent forty years working to develop more natural and effective solutions for urban pest management.

“We believe there is a growing demand for natural solutions and to get away from the neuro-toxic insecticides traditionally used by homeowners,” said Broadbent.

This motivated Ensystex to create something that worked by a physical action derived from plants. With a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ecology, Broadbent looked at how methyl-cellulose, derived from plantation-grown pine trees, was used to encase nutraceuticals. This inspired the idea of similarly encasing insects, like a spider’s web.

This cellulose is used as a thickener and emulsifier in various foods, including ice cream and extensively in gluten-free and reduced-fat products.

“It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.”

These two aspects, the fact that it is plant-derived and its formulations are also approved for use in producing foods for human consumption, are what sets it apart as a pest control solution. The physical action required to use the spray further ensures it is a low-risk product, as it only affects and encases directly sprayed insects.

It is highly effective for bed bugs, fleas, German cockroaches, ants, flies and mosquitoes, but users must spray the whole insect for the best results.

Ensystex is working with new plant botanicals to provide more residual protection, develop Entrap into a more concentrated form for more excellent economy in use, and a specialist formulation when fogging warehouses and council tips.

Sustainability and being poison-free are integral to Ensystex’s ethos with its Entrap innovations.

“This is a strong part of Ensystex’s objective through the Australian Professional Pest Managers Association; we are sponsoring the Sustainable Pest Manager of the Year competition to help the industry move to a greener footprint.”

For the building industry and the protection of new buildings from termites, Ensystex has the only Green Tag Certified product and Platinum Health rated product under its Trithor Termite Management brand, and it is improving our packaging and more to align further with its commitment to be green.