Ansell Sexual Health

Ansell have increased their condom range with the addition of SKYN Elite Condoms.

SKYN condoms are made from the scientifically formulated material Polyisoprene, which is non-latex, meaning the condoms have a softer, more natural feel. SKYN condoms have been clinically proven to enhance sensation. The new Elite ultra thin condoms offer highend innovation in non-latex material. They are 20% thinner, compared to SKYN Original Condoms, and come in a premium pack of six.

Also new to the range are two new SKYN Personal lubricants; SKYN Natural Feel Lubricant, a water based lubricant blended with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to create a gentle moisturizing sensation, and SKYN Maximum Performance, an extra long-lasting lubricant that features a premium silicone-based formula proven to last longer than regular water-based lubricants.