Eat Outside The Box!

UK Foods

UK Foods is committed to bringing the tastes of the UK and Ireland to the sunny shores of New Zealand to give New Zealanders the best of both worlds. 

Got the case of the munchies? U.K. Foods has it all, ensuring its customers have the broadest possible range of British grocery and household items readily available nationwide. As importers and distributors, UK Foods has been stocking New Zealand’s supermarket shelves and convenience and specialty stores with UK and Ireland’s best-loved products since 2009.   

With a range of snacking products, including Monster Munch, Choco Leibniz, Quavers, or lighter options such as Proper Snacks or popcorns, each of UK Foods snacking options can be enjoyed over a classic cup of tea, with its range of UK and Irish favourite teas available. 

Whether customers are craving zingy flavours from lime and coriander chutney to mango chilli poppadoms, UK Foods has every snack for New Zealanders and UK and Irish residents, providing a snacking haven, a home away from home. 

UK Foods endeavours to keep all favourites in stock and is open for customers to ask about the stock of their favourites should they not already be on supermarket shelves. 

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