One of UK’s leading consultancy business, Smithers Pira, has recently published a new market study that identifies the forces shaping beauty packaging design over the next ten years. Among those factors, the company mentioned convenience and ease of opening.

A poor opening experience, or ‘wrap rage’, can truly undermine any other investment in advertising and graphics. Environmental sustainability is also another crucial topic, especially when it comes to single-use products. Over the next decade, manufacturers will need to maintain a strong focus on lighter formats or materials. Additionally, as men are increasingly interested in products that have historically been considered ‘feminine’, like haircare and facial skincare, pack designers will need to present them in a masculine way.

Lastly, innovations like invisible inks, special varnishes, embedded fibres, tamper-evident fixtures and holographic foils may make a difference in the battle to reduce counterfeit goods. Despite rising online sales, the demand for premium materials, designs and tactile effects won’t die.