In a quest to deliver quality pizza to more Kiwis, the founders of HELL Pizza have created BAKED. Handmade and blast frozen in Wellington, with exactly the same quality ingredients as iconic HELL pizzas, the BAKED range is now available in supermarket freezers across the country.

“Every BAKED pizza is handmade with the same ingredients used in a HELL store, then we blast freeze the raw dough. This helps us retain much of the goodness and means we don’t have to par cook the bases, which rise when backed rather than turn to cardboard. Consumer demand for quality offerings from supermarkets is rising and we’re seeing the popularity of premium artisan products, such as craft beers, dairy and free range meats, in traditionally commoditised categories,” said HELL and BAKED founder Stu McMullin.

BAKED caters to a very different consumer from a HELL customer, those who don’t always want the full takeaway experience, with sides and desserts, but instead a quick feed for one or two adults or kids.