Just In Time For The BBQ Season


Food Snob, known for its passion for great tasting, authentic deli cheese and antipasti, is launching an extension to its loved Cypriot Halloumi.

As a leading authentic Halloumi sold in Service Deli, it is now available in a new convenient pre-sliced and burger patty-shaped four-pack, just in time for the upcoming BBQ season.

Food Snob Cypriot Halloumi is the only authentic Halloumi available in the mainstream New Zealand retail market. The unique characteristics of Cypriot Halloumi production deliver unparalleled flavour and caramelisation when grilled. The blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk used in traditional Halloumi delivers its unique characteristics, all sourced from local farms around Cyprus.  

Brand Manager Kim Mar explained that there is typically a sales lift of over 50 percent over the summer. With this in mind, Food Snob is excited to launch its new product format to bring variety and convenience to the holiday BBQ season.

The Food Snob Cypriot Halloumi Burger Patty 4pk is also conveniently vegetarian and packs a punch with 12.6g of protein per patty. 

For more information, visit www.foodsnob.co.nz or contact email info@foodsnob.co.nz

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