Real Chocolate Without The Sugar 

Well Naturally

Well Naturally is the perfect 'better for you' snacking alternative, a leading New Zealand sugar-free chocolate brand.

Renowned for its no-sugar-added chocolate range, Well Naturally has left the sugar out and replaced it with natural sweeteners for 100 percent real chocolate without the added sugar and without compromising on taste, making healthier choices feel natural. 

Well Naturally chocolate is an anytime, low-calorie snack available in milk and dark chocolate in 10 delicious flavours, from salted caramel to raspberry crush.

As the snacking category grows and customers continue to look for sugar-free alternatives, Well Naturally has recently launched a range of sugar-free lollies, Gummie Snakes, Raspberry Jellies, Strawberry bites and Liquorice Bites.

With its wide range of flavours, Well Naturally Chocolate, Lollies and Liquorice offers something for all consumers in our guilt-free confectionery range. 

For more information, contact an Alliance Marketing sales representative on 09 2802 926 or email Lisa Mowbray at for an in-store demonstration. 

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