As a result of its success over the years, the makers of Bio-Oil recognised the benefit of using oil based products on our skin and so developed and launched Lipidol, a range of six skincare oils for everyday use. Our skins outermost layer contains oil which helps retain moisture in our skin, keeping it healthy and radiant. This oil is often stripped away by products we use or daily elements such as air conditioning or heating leaving our skin feeling dehydrated. The Lipidol range of oils are formulated specifically to help supplement this natural layer of oil. The range consists of two wash-off products that won’t strip that natural oily layer, plus four leave on products.

There will be updates to the Lipidol range which include the introduction of cartons for each of the six bottles. The new packaging will be in stores from May onwards. In-store demonstrations will begin in selected New World and Pak n Save stores to coincide with the packaging update. It’s not too late to request a demonstration so please contact your BDM Grange area manager for further details. As part of the extensive media support, there will also be a new TV campaign airing in August/September.