Convenience is still a massive trend, whether that’s food or services which help make people’s lives easier like online shopping, and Click and Collect, or more offerings in store such as pharmacy and NZ Post pick-ups. Basically anything that saves time.

We’re seeing convenience food options continuing to grow, and I’d expect to see more product development being created similar to products we already have in our supermarkets such as pre-prepared dinners, sliced apples, pre-made guacamole, cheese sticks, sliced cheese, pre-packed cheese and crackers, and simple, quick recipe inspiration like Countdown’s Feed Four for $15.
Meal solution options are also broadening out to breakfast and lunch as well as dinner.  Whether it's for one, or multiple-serve options, customers are wanting easy choices across the day.

Healthy meal options continue to be a big driver for customers. Pre-packed salads, single and multi-serve soups, pre-cut vegetables, and ready meals such as snap frozen fish, frozen meal chicken dishes, pizza or family sized pies, are very popular with customers. Kids are also engaged in convenient meals including single-serve yoghurt, sliced apples, and cheese sticks proving to be a very popular lunch-box or snacking options.

There is a lot of new innovative products coming to the market catering for increasing customer demands. We are working with a lot of small and medium suppliers to drive innovation in this category and we encourage more suppliers to come and see us.

----by Nikhil Sawant, Merchandise Manager, Countdown