Salty Snacks Trends Moving Forward 

Salty Snacks, Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs North Island Category Manager Snack Foods and Condiments James Cooper shared that New Zealand consumers have continued to love classic flavours, including Ready Salted, Chicken, and Salt' n Vinegar. The prevailing popularity of these staple flavours is a testament to how particular simple tastes remain unchanged. 

Ready Salted, in particular, continues to reign supreme as the leading flavour across the snacks category for Foodstuffs. Three of the co-operative's highest-selling lines are products with this flavour.

However, New Zealanders don't only choose staple flavours. When consumers branch out, it's often for limited edition flavours that regularly change throughout the year.  

"The rotating Snackachangi limited-time flavour variants like American Hot Dog, Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, and Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries are always well-received and sell out quickly," said Cooper. 

Cooper anticipates that Sweet and Spicy flavour variations will gain momentum as an emerging trend within Salty Snacks. This blend of flavours brings both novelty and familiarity, and Foodstuffs expects to see product developments along a similar vein in the upcoming year.

Cooper continued that for 2024, salty snacks will align more consistently with the on-the-go customer.  

"We're seeing a continued trend with Kiwis snacking more to tide them over between meals, whether for a midday boost or an after-dinner treat." 

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