Skinny Fizz’s product is simply two ingredients; sparkling water and a splash of New Zealand fruit. wrapped up in an endlessly recyclable aluminium can, that’s all that goes into Skinny Fizz. A convenience product that’s both skinny on the consumer and the skinny on the environment doesn’t need to come with an inflated ego – or price point for that matter. Skinny Fizz is changing the way Kiwis look at sustainability and responsible consumption.

Clean, green and NZ-made is no longer posh or fancy - it’s just what consumers expect. Skinny Fizz is a simple answer to a need for refreshment. Along with key local partners the Native Forest Restoration Trust, Basketball NZ, and Diabetes NZ, Skinny Fizz is here for a couple of things. Sharing love for yourself, each other and this earth while cracking into some refreshingly real Skinny Fizz.

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