Attitude Foods NZ Ltd produces ‘quality’, handmade, NZ Organic and gourmet food condiments. The company was born on Waiheke Island by a talented local lady named Rosie who started making organic dukkah for the local Saturday Market. The company was purchased by Yvette Gillanders in 2009 and continued to add new products from there. Attitude Foods is dedicated to producing products that are packed with ‘natural’ flavour and made without the use of any artificial ingredients.

 What is your company background, how did you start the business? Who are the owners (first and last names)?

“I have always had a passion for good quality, healthy food, along with a background in sales and marketing. I completed a food safety course in 2007, with the intention of developing some of my own delectable, healthy, products for the market. I purchased Attitude Foods in 2009 and moved the business to my little commercial kitchen on an organic lifestyle block at Whangaroa Harbour, in Northland. From there, she worked hard to bring an interesting and unique range of gourmet and organic condiments, packed with delightful aromas and exquisite flavours, to the market.”

What is the current product range and variants and how do these products stand out in the market? (Are they gluten free? Do they utilise unique or new ingredients or techniques? Are they the only one of its kind?)

“The product range includes:

“Organic dukkah dips and sprinkles, made with tasty, dry roasted mixes of organic seeds and spices, and without the use of nuts. This allows them a good shelf life and makes them versatile and delish for use in many savoury dishes.

“ Gourmet S & P seasonings for grilling, barbecuing, and other.

“ Our most popular seasoning is ‘Horopito Hit’, made with organic NZ sea salt, a mix of peppers, including sustainably picked NZ Horopito leaf, to add a unique NZ twist. We round out the mix with a few organic sesame seeds. Others may have tried to copy this mix, but you can’t beat the original, delish, flavour, aroma and quality of this our product.

“ We also produce Kaffir Kick Seasoning, which is a lighter, tangy mix that peers well with seafood and veg, made with organic NZ sea salt, a mix of peppers, bundles of kaffir lime leaf, a hint of freshly ground coriander, and once again we round out the mix with a few organic sesame seeds.

“Porcini Salt Seasoning, made with a mix of organic NZ sea salt, with an Italian twist of pungent porcini mushroom powder. This mix tastes fab with avocado, egg, tomatoes, chicken and more.

“Attitude Foods Infused Olive Oils are packed with flavour and are infused cold, so you get the full benefit of the extra virgin olive oil used, when drizzling them over a bowl of steaming new season potatoes, grilled tomatoes, home-made pizzas, and more, before serving.

“A nectar of rosemary infused balsamic vinegar for dipping, drizzling, dressings, and marinades. It is made with Italian balsamic vinegar, filtered rain water, bundles of fresh, spray-free Kerikeri rosemary. It’s to be used sparingly, as it also contains some added sugar.

“Yummy wholegrain mustards packed with spray-free Kerikeri limes and horseradish, spray-free Kerikeri oranges and crushed ginger, and roasted NZ garlic to add a tasteful zing to warm and cold meats and savoury sandwiches.

“We also produce some delectable ‘Mostly Organic’ Chocolate Sauces and a sinfully wonderful Brazen Butterscotch Sauce, for dipping with fresh seasonal fruit, drizzling over desserts and cakes, whipping into cream and ice-cream, or for making chilli chocolate mochaccinos, caramel lattes and more.”

Has there been any recent company news?

“To date, Attitude Foods products have had the good fortune of featuring in four TV series recipes, a number of magazines around the country promoted some delicious recipes with Attitude Foods products in 2015 and 2016, Woman’s Day ran a competition with Attitude Foods products and also featured them on their ‘In store’ page.”

What are the plans for the business moving forward, is there any expansion on the horizon? 

“Over the coming months we hope to build relationships with further New World stores in the north island, as well as with an international contact. The company at this stage is still a small family run business. We are dedicated to producing quality product and always strive to buy the best ingredients and produce available. I keep strict quality controls to ensure all products going out to the market place is of the highest standard. The company plans to add to the Attitude Foods product range over years to come, and to make Attitude Foods a ‘quality’ household name.”

Where are your products currently available to buy, and are you looking at or wanting to expand your availability? If so, where would you like to see the product situated? 

“Attitude Foods products are enjoyed by many, and are currently sold in a number of gourmet food stores, some supermarkets (New World and Fresh Choice), and also, in some cafes, delis, and restaurants throughout NZ. Our intention is to continue to expand Attitude Foods customer base both nationally and internationally. We’ve just stocked New World Tawa with Attitude Foods products, and we have been supplying our local Kerikeri New World for some time now, (we’ve recently been set up with a Foodstuffs NI supplier/vendor number). We have also been supplying a number of New World stores in the South Island for some years, and there are a couple of Fresh Choice stores we have been supplying for a number years now, both in the North Island and the South.”