Efficient Cleaning


Zep, the go-to cleaning brand for professionals, announced the debut of its Zep Plus line, which extends the time between cleanings, making the entire cleaning process more effective and convenient. These innovative two-in-one cleaning solutions provide the clean you expect from Zep, plus extra benefits like preventing grime build-up.

Professional cleaners and consumers have sought products that accelerate the cleaning process and prevent future build-up. Developed from extensive consumer insights research, the Zep Plus line goes beyond clean and is designed to keep surfaces cleaner longer, reducing the frequency required to clean. These unique formulas can repel build-up for up to one week thanks to a high-tech invisible barrier that clings to surfaces after application and actively penetrates grime and germs.

“We are always working to offer innovative cleaning solutions that save time, energy, and money,” said Lauren Houser, Zep Vice President of Marketing.

“One of the biggest takeaways we are seeing in a post-pandemic market is consumers’ desire to cut down on the amount of time and number of products utilized while cleaning. Zep Plus introduces innovative two-in-one cleaning solutions that provide efficiency that does not compromise efficacy, saving time and creating the desired clean for a prolonged period.”

The Zep Plus line enhances cleaning by doing the work of two jobs with one product to provide Zep’s signature professional level of cleaning with the additional benefit of protection and prevention.

In addition to the new Zep Plus line found in home centres and online, Zep recently expanded its portfolio with a line of family-friendly formulas as part of its Spring Product Collection.

The Home Proline helps consumers clean smarter and in less time with commercial-grade cleaning products developed for high-efficiency home use. The entire portfolio is formulated with superior technology to keep every corner and surface sparkling clean, all while filling homes with spa-like aromas and refreshing scents, including Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, Fresh Rain, Lemon, Orange Zest, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

Currently, the Home Pro line can be purchased in 14 mainstream grocery chains, including ShopRite, Publix, Harris Teeter, Winn Dixie, Ingles, Food City, Giant Eagle, SpartanNash, Market Basket, and more, with Zep continually adding retailers. The Home Pro line is available on Amazon, Walmart.com, and in select Target stores across the USA.