Granarolo Releases Snack Kit for Kids

Granarolo has released a snack kit range made up of wafers, milk, yoghurt, cheese and tea. The snack kit is a collaboration with wafer maker Loacker as well as fruit drinks group Yoga. The range will include three variants. Yomino Fragola and Loacker Classic Wafer Napolitaner combines fresh yoghurt in a squeezable package and a Wafer Napolitaner bar. The Granarolo Cheese Snack and Detected Yoga Tea contains tea and an Italian cheese snack baked in the oven. Finally, the Granarolo Cocoa Snack and Loacker Classic Wafer Cremkakao includes three layers of Cremkakao cream.

All of these products are free from added flavours, colouring, preservatives and hydrogenated fats.