Nuttvia is a delicious hazelnut spread with ZERO palm oil and 97% LESS sugar!

From the creators of the global 100% natural sweetener company, Natvia, Nuttvia gives consumers the choice to indulge in a tasty hazelnut spread that’s both conscious of the environment and your health.

“We wanted to create a great tasting product that would offer consumers the opportunity to consume responsibly and create a positive impact on the environment," said Mark Hannah, co-founder of Nuttvia.

It has been reported that about half of all packaged products sold in supermarkets contain palm oil. Harvesting palm oil can involve chopping down and burning off natural rainforests, displacing and reducing the habitat of local endangered species.

Nuttvia has been certified with the Orangutan Alliance Certified Palm Oil Free seal.

Topping it all off, Nuttvia has ZERO added sugars!

Having launched in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K, Nuttvia continues to launch internationally!