Sticky Balsamic creates delicious medal-winning, fruit-infused balsamic vinegar. Excellent to use as a finishing sauce with entrees, mains, salads, desserts and cheese. Ten varieties are currently available; choose your favourite and be creative to amaze your family and friends with your gourmet creations. Use Sticky Balsamic Premium Truffle as a finishing sauce with red meats, or as a salad dressing. Try Sticky Balsamic Original with salads, fruit, as a cheese accompaniment. Sticky Balsamic Pear provides that extra element when using with rocket (from pasta to pizza or salads), or simply to use as a dip for strawberries or other fruit. Handcrafted in Victoria, Australia, and carefully designed by chefs, Sticky Balsamic is made in small batches. Sticky Balsamic is the perfect gourmet foodie addition to your pantry. 

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