If you go to a store, you will probably skip the Jams and Jellies section. If you really love sweets, then you may stop by, but still feeling guilty, you will grab the same sugary and junk products, mostly made with high fructose corn syrup, or GMO sugars. So, World of Chia decided to bring a healthier option. The basis of our concept is that we make the fruit spread using chia seeds instead of pectin. So, instead of putting industrially made pectin into your body, you put healthy and natural chia seeds, with omega 3, fibre and protein, and with GI soothing properties from the mucilage of chia. Sweetened with natural and organic agave nectar, with a low glycemic index and naturally acidified with lime juice, we end up with a low sugar (only 5g per serving), low calorie (only 30 calories per serving) and all natural delicious and revolutionary product.

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