Everybody knows that we don’t eat enough veggies, and for one mum, this was especially true in her family for whom ice cream was a primary food group. It wasn’t long before Peekaboo Ice Cream was launched. Peekaboo Ice Cream is indulgent ice cream with hidden veggies that you can’t see or taste but they are just as powerful in delivering their health benefits. Eating your veggies never tasted so good! Its chocolate ice cream is rich and totally indulgent using the finest cocoa and pure, sweet cream to create a decadent, velvety dark chocolate ice cream (with hidden cauliflower). The Strawberry flavour includes secret carrots that add a unique balance of sweet and fruity undertones which enhance the overall flavour of its luscious strawberry ice cream. Its Mint Chip with Hidden Spinach has added rich chocolatey shavings. Rich and full-flavoured its Vanilla with Hidden Zucchini variant offer a perfect balance of pure, sweet cream and Madagascar vanilla. Lastly, Cotton Candy with Hidden Beets is a take on a favourite carnival confection that is fun and delicious.