French company, Lact’Union has entered the international market with the release of an ambient drinking yoghurt – Promess. The drink is Halal-certified, has a long shelf-life and is set to be launched in over 30 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

Tetra Prisma Aseptic 200ml cartons were used to package the drink, ensure it has a longer shelf-life in ambient temperatures. Promess has no added preservatives, providing a healthier option for consumers wanting something for on-the-go.

“Part of Lactinov’s strategy is to expand in export markets with products made from our own milk collection such as plain or flavoured milk. We are happy to add some value-added products to this range, such as this ambient drinking yoghurt. Partnerships with manufacturers such as Tetra Pak, enabled us to find the appropriate packaging to meet export demands,” said Alexandre Zeitlin, export director, Lactinov.

The packaging used for the product ensures it has a 10-month shelf-life and is safe to transport overseas.

“We are happy to support the launch of Promess Ambient Drinking Yoghurt with Lactinov. The Tetra Prisma Aseptic 200ml is the perfect fit for this product. It is convenient, easy to use and drink from and it offers a modern design that goes with the product. It is the result of a strong partnership with Lactinov to conceive the right packaging that makes the product easy to export. We are convinced of the potential of this product, and we are looking forward to working with Lactinov again,” said Gilles Tisserand, marketing director, Tetra Pak France and Benelux.