Joyday launches in Indonesia. The team behind it stand smiling behind a podium

Asia’s number one dairy company, the Chinese-owned Yili Group, recently launched its new range of Joyday ice creams in Indonesia.

“The global launch of Joyday is a milestone,” said CEO Zhang Jianqiu. “It tells the world that Yili is about to enter into Southeast Asian market.” Yili has been endeavouring to carve out a 'Silk Road of Dairy' for some time, part of its long-term goals of transferring Yili quality dairy products around the world. According to Rabobank’s Global Dairy Top 20 Report for 2018, Yili Group is the largest dairy producer in Asia. Launching in Southeast Asia is a bridge to many other areas of the world, and allows the company to advocate their healthy lifestyle products to new markets.

Joyday ice creams are available in Indonesia’s four main cities: Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Bandung. Locals are responding positively, and lining up to taste the new brand. Of all China’s dairy enterprises, Yili Group is the first to open in the Indonesian market.

The 11 Joyday flavours are based on intensive market surveys and are of a high quality. All flavours are in line with international standards, and had to obtain special qualifications and permissions to access the Indonesian market. Jiangiu has stated he hopes to have Yili products in more than 20 cities in Indonesia by next year.