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The PepsiCo Foundation, in collaboration with The Recycling Partnership, successfully raised $25 million in funding for US recycling; a year early into its All in One Recycling five-year challenge.

The partnership was formed in July 2018 to address the growing recycling problem in the states. The funds raised seeks to help an estimated 25 million families conveniently recycle household items. Part of the initiative includes creating new infrastructures for cities and supporting educational programs that teach residents what can and cannot be recycled.

An estimated 115,000 curbside carts have been distributed across various states in the US since the company announced its participation. According to The Recycling Partnership's CEO, Keef Harrison, the challenge is an opportunity for different communities, states and global corporations to gather and change the path to a healthier future.

"A circular economy where global brands can partner with nonprofits to invest in community infrastructure to better capture recyclables, educate residents on what to recycle and where and bring all stakeholders together in partnership is one that everyone should get behind. After all, we're all in this bin together," said Harrison.

The All In One Recycling challenge is part of PepsiCo's broader commitment to implementing eco-conscious measures. Early this year, the beverage manufacturer announced its new LIFEWTR packaging made from highly recyclable plastic rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate).