Coles supermarket has unveiled its first Coles Local supermarket in Melbourne. The new supermarket is a smaller and more personalised format. The stores are designed to meet the local needs of the community with high quality imported and locally produced products stocked.

“The great thing about Coles Local is that it makes life easier for our customers and helps them explore their love of food. Our customers have told us they’re often juggling shopping with a busy family and work schedule, so there will always be a friendly team member who can help them find the speciality products they want to take home for their families,” said Coles CEO Steven Cain.

The first store is set to open in Melbourne’s Surrey Hills complete with a “Foodie Hub” where a resident chef will be available to offer helpful advice, samples and recipes to customers.

The store will also focus on sustainability with a zero edible food waste policy and a food digester which harnesses the power of water and microbes to partly digest inedible food waste and send it to the local waste water treatment plant where it is turned into renewable energy.

The store will also be actively involved in the community with initiatives to support community groups including the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Community Centre and Surrey Hills Rotary Club.

“We’re here to be part of Surrey Hills. Our customers have told us that they want to shop in a sustainable store that reduces food waste and helps the local community,” said Cain.