Crisp brand Two Farmers have released a new artisan crisp range that comes in 100 percent compostable packaging. With this product, co-founders Mark Green and Sean Mason aimed to create hand-cooked crisps that celebrated Herefordshire’s local ingredients while causing as little damage to the environment as possible. The crisps are available in four flavours, Hereford bullshot, salt and Two Farmers cider vinegar, lightly salted, and Hereford hop cheese and onion.

“As farmers living and working in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside we have seen firsthand the impact plastic waste can have on the environment. We are also crisp lovers, and our greatest challenge has been to make great-tasting crisps and find a way to bring them to market without compromising on our principles,” said Mason.

“We have also been keen to source as many of the ingredients from our own farm as we can, or from local suppliers. Even the salt we use in our lightly salted variety is sourced from neighbouring Worcestershire, where Droitwich Salt harvest their natural salt springs using renewable energy.”