Greenpeace Holds Protest At Mondelez HQ

Mondelez, the owner of Cadbury and Oreo, has been confronted at its London office with a palm oil protest by Greenpeace. Over 30 protesters took over the headquarters, recreating a burnt rainforest complete with a life-sized orangutan.

The staged protest called for the confectionery giant to stop its association with one of the world’s largest agricultural businesses, Wilmar International. Greenpeace claims that Mondelez had broken its promise to stop buying oil from companies that destroy rainforests. Through its own investigation, Greenpeace found that Mondelez had continued to work with palm oil suppliers who had destroyed 70,000 hectares of rainforest in the last two years.

In response to the claims, Mondelez said it was committed to ensuring the palm oil it had used was fully traceable. “We have actionable steps in place to make certain that the palm oil we buy is produced on legally held land that does not lead to deforestation,” said a spokesperson for the company.

A report in 2017 showed that 96 percent of Mondelez’s palm oil was traceable back to mill.