Torma Introduces Digital Voucher System

Torma Sorting Solutions has created a digital voucher platform for its container deposits scheme which will soon be launched into Queensland.

The system will offer users a credit when they return their used bottles and cans back to container deposits. Customers will select the voucher system provided on the myTORMA app and will scan a barcode which will lead to an amount appearing on the app afterwards. Users will then be able to use the credit at participating retailers by scanning the barcode on the myTORMA app at checkout.

Aleksander Mortensen, head of Torma collection solution digital said that it didn’t make sense for a recycling provider to offer paper receipts. “It is our latest digital voucher functionality that replaces the need for paper, even for those who prefer retail credit for their refund. With myTOMRA, we are striving to build the ultimate app to make container returns easy and convenient both for end users and for sites providing reverse vending systems.”