The German retailer Kaufland, has begun pulling 480 Unilever products from shelves after a disagreement over proposed price increases.

In a statement released by the retailer, the company stressed that they had a good business relationship with Unilever but that the company attempted to push through dramatic purchasing price increases. “Kaufland has not accepted this. The new offer contains conditions that do not allow us to offer our customers the best price, in addition to the wide selection and high quality,” said head of purchasing Andreas Schopper.

Because of this Kaufland will no longer stocks the brands Knorr, Mondamin, Pafnni, Bertolli, Unox, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, Langnese, Magnum, Coral, Viss, Domestos, Dove and AX. The German-based company will also stop stocking products in its Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgarian stores.

Unilever has so far refused to comment on the situation. According to Trading Economics, the price hike could be related to Germany’s 2.5 percent increase in inflation which is in part due to Europe’s unusually hot summer.