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The UK’s advertising watchdog has announced that it will uphold complaints regarding a Scottish Gins company’s controversial Facebook advertisement. The Advertising Standards Authority considered the Facebook advertisement to be irresponsible and not following current advertising rules.

The Scottish Gin Society promoted a light-hearted fakebook advertisement which read, “Shut up liver, you’re fine! Gin?” and another which said “A banana has 150 calories; a G&T has 110 calories. Case closed.”   The ad was found to be irresponsible on several counts. Including encouraging excessive drinking, linking alcohol to sexual success and implying alcohol had therapeutic qualities.

The Scottish Gin society has since removed its post but argues that “the Facebook posts were not advertisements and did not fall within the remit of the advertising code as there was no product or service to purchase.”

However, the UK watchdog stated that Facebook posts still fall within the remit of advertising code, because they are connected to the supply of Scottish gin.

The Scottish Gin Society is an online site where drinkers can share in their appreciation for Scottish gins.