Kroger Co. and Microsoft Corp. team up to create a streamlined and futuristic grocery store.

Cloud technology teams up with supermarket shopping to bring an innovative approach to grocery shopping. Two Kroger Co. stores have been remodelled to test out new features including “digital shelves” which display adverts as well as dynamic prices. This is aimed at guiding shoppers seamlessly through aisles and directing them to products they have selected in a paired Kroger’s app.

The alliance formed between Microsoft and Kroger allows for more significant development of the combination of grocery shopping and online shopping. Working together is mutually beneficial as Microsoft can market their cloud services to other companies while Kroger’s stores become more efficient in their grocery selling. Kroger’s Chief Executive Officer Rodney McMullen said, “Together we can create something that, separately, we could not.”

The supermarket experience is more personalised for customers, not just more efficient. Individual customisations and features allow customers to have a unique shopping episode. Furthermore, as the technology develops, software will be able to determine customers likes and dislikes and predict products they may be interested in.

Kroger and Microsoft hope that the technology can influence other stores streamlining everyone’s shopping experiences.