With an impressive wealth of deadly animals crawling around, Australian shoppers are sometimes likely to find nasty surprises in their veggies. A Gold Coast woman has recently found a live redback spider in her broccoli from Woolworths; very common in Australia, the small spider is related to the venomous black widow spider and can be recognised by its red dorsal stripe. Redbacks are venomous, with possible symptoms including pain, muscle weakness, nausea and vomiting. Last week, a young Sydney man died after being bitten, but it was the first such death since the antivenom was introduced in 1956.

Meanwhile, Woolworth’s rival Coles has also been questioned by its customers for the quality of its offering, namely chicken breast fillets, revealing strange-looking tissues, and for a slice of garlic bread that turned blue after being microwaved.
Coles has replied that both products were harmless and safe to eat, but invited consumers to return them if they were not satisfied.