Food giant Nestlé aims to become the FMCG leader in leveraging digital and social media for consumer engagement and brand building. Having brought to market personalised nutrition products, wearable technology and the first connected Nespresso machine, Prodigio, Nestlé is now taking advantage of digital marketing and online retail channels, such as Amazon, whilst also working on packaging technology that would allow food to stay fresh for longer without any chemicals or preservatives added.

Amongst Nestlé’s innovations currently being examined is a ‘profiling kit’ with five different chocolates, allowing the company to create individual sensory profiles and assemble bespoke boxes of chocolates, based on consumer feedback. Launched in Switzerland, the project has collected 15,000 profiles so far.

Nestlé is also conducting a thorough research on micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, using smart wristbands as an alternative to clinical trials, whilst working with its online community to get a better understanding of what handcrafted and artisanal mean to customers.