French multinational corporation, Danone has announced the adoption of Nutri-Score labels for its Belgian fresh dairy products. The label uses a five-letter system in different colours to summarise the nutritional information of food and drink. The label takes into consideration the amount and type of ingredients in a product such as; fibre, protein, calories, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt to determine an A to E grade for the product.

“This intuitive and scientific labelling system is based on a five-colour code and letters and will allow consumers to achieve a better nutritional assessment faster. The system is already used in France and, although the Belgian government has said it will be introduced on a voluntary basis in our country, Danone has chosen to fully adhere to the Nutri-Score labelling system,” explained Wim Bauwens, country manager at Danone Belux.

Danone hopes to have the grading system on all of its fresh produce by the end of 2020. The move comes after the Belgian Government decided to adopt the Nutri-Score label as a voluntary labelling system earlier this year.