Rare golden skinned watermelons - instead of the usual green - are being sold for the first time ever in Britain.

The melons are exclusively sold by Tesco.

They are a new variety which are being grown for the supermarket in Brazil and taste slightly sweeter than the standard green version but offer the same thirst-quenching juiciness.

In 2019, melons overtook pineapples as the UK’s fasting growing fruit and as a result Tesco now sells 11 different varieties.

“The variety is very old but not commercially grown anymore and I’ve been working with the suppliers in Brazil for the last five years to bring it back as its striking golden skin and vivid, red sweet flesh make it very eye-catching," said James Cackett, Tesco’s technical manager for melons. 

In recent years Tesco has worked closely with its supplier to bring new varieties to the UK for the first time including:

  • Sweet Snowball – super sweet and distinctive because of its white flesh and very pale green, flecked skin
  • Sweet Tangy Twist – an orange fleshed melon with a hint of citrus
  • Finest Sunkiss – a variety of the Honeydew family with pale orange flesh

Tesco sells the following varieties of melon which are: Yellow Honeydew; Watermelon; Giant Watermelon; Mini Watermelon; Galia; Cantaloupe; Tangy Twist; finest* Piel De Sapo; finest* Sunkiss; and Snowball.