Elemental Beverage Company has developed patent-pending SnapChill technology that allows hot coffee to be chilled in just three minutes. Traditionally cold brew coffee takes several hours to chill as it is brewed at a lower temperature to create a sweeter and less acidic taste.

“Snapchilling preserves all the flavours of a hot coffee, unlike other methods for making cold coffee. From the moment coffee is brewed, it’s starting to chemically break down. By Snapchilling the coffee, we can experience flavours at a more drinkable temperature, without them dissipating into the air. The ability of our Snapchill Technology to ‘dial in’ on the precise, ideal temperature for any variety of coffee, allows even the most complex of single origin coffees to shine brighter than before,” said Ryan McDonnell of Elemental Beverage Company.

The popularity of cold brew coffee has surged in recent years with Mintel reporting a 580 percent increase in the cold brew coffee market from 2011 to 2016. During 2017, 56 percent of RTD coffee launches in the US were cold brew products.

Elemental Beverage Company has also released a range of single-origin coffee which are available in cans.