Sugar Tax brings in impressive Revenue

A sugar tax introduced by the British Government in April has bought in an impressive revenue since its implementation.

According to new government figures, the sugar tax has raised £153.8 million in just over six months. The revenue comes from two separate tax rates applied depending on the sugar content in a company’s drink products. A tax of £0.18 per litre applies to beverages with a sugar content between 5 and 8 grams per 100ml. While a £0.24 per litre tax applies to drinks with content equal to or greater than 8grams per 100ml.

The new figures show that of the £153.8 million revenue over 90 percent comes from traders who are paying the higher rate, with over 450 traders registering to pay the levy.

Revenue from the new tax is being used to promote healthy lifestyles in primary schools around the U.K. This includes the implementation of healthy eating programs and new sports facilities for young children in an attempt to tackle childhood obesity. The UK has one of the highest obesity rates among developed countries, and steps to combat these growing numbers are being well received.

Approximately 36 other countries are in the process of implementing new taxes on sugary drinks including Malaysia, France and Thailand to promote healthier lifestyles among their citizens.