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Australian supermarket chain Woolworths announced its newest eco-packaging solution called Loop.

Created in partnership with global waste management company TerraCycle, the zero-waste packaging will be trialled in Australia before a full launch in mid-2021. The program entails consumers to acquire durable and reusable packaging for washing detergent, shampoo, juice or ice cream in customised packaging delivered in a specially designed reusable shipping tote. Once consumers are finished with the products, the packaging is collected or can be dropped back in store to be cleaned and refilled for reuse.

The latest initiative is the supermarket’s response to the growing number of local consumers demanding for eco-friendly packaging. It also falls under the company’s broader ambition to reduce its impact on the environment and support a circular shopping system.

Loop is set to expand in markets in the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and now Australia.

“Woolworths is the perfect partner to bring Loop to Australia, due to its operational scale and commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Anthony Rossi VP of Global Business Development at Loop. “Together we will help eliminate the idea of waste and bring a better product experience to consumers.”