Supporting A World Without Waste

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The Coca‑Cola Company made headlines in early 2022 by announcing a new goal supporting its World Without Waste global sustainable packaging strategy. By 2030, 25 percent of its global product volume will be served to consumers in reusable packaging.

c options include returnable bottles and refillable cups for fountain dispensers. Returnable glass and plastic bottles are a top priority in countries with established reuse infrastructures and supply chains, most notably in Africa, Europe and Latin America. But in North America, where dispensed drinks sold in restaurants, music and sports venues, cinemas and other on-premise outlets comprise a significant portion of the company’s volume, driving the adoption of refillable vessels and cups represents a significant opportunity to contribute to the global reusable target, reduce single-use waste and limit use of new materials.

The company is accelerating its test-learn-scale approach with several reusable packaging pilots in North America, including a new partnership with r. Cup, which replaces single-use cups with its end-to-end reusable cup solutions to large-scale sports and entertainment venues, cinemas, festivals and events, to help scale up the startup’s turnkey platform in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Washington, D.C.

“We are working across our supply chain to reduce our environmental impact and ensure all of our packaging has value in the circular economy,” said Anton van Zyl, Director of Sustainable Packaging Strategy, Coca‑Cola North America.

“We’re growing reusable cup programs in partnership with our food service and on-premise customers. Partnering with innovators like r.Cup is one such example where through pilots, we are experimenting, learning and expanding the options for our consumers to enjoy our beverages in reusable packaging.”