Tetra Pak releases new cube packaging

Tetra Pak has released a new packaging that can be combined with others to make a cube—a way of optimising space in distribution and storage. The Tetra Classic Aseptic 65ml Cube is said to be an efficient solution for dairy, juice and liquid food.

The new packaging requires less secondary packaging and needs around 40 percent less space to transport the same amount of product. Tetra Pak said, “food cannot be delivered safely over long distances, at lower cost, and made available to consumers at an affordable price.”

Hemant Krashak, product director at Tetra Pak, said, “With its robust food protection, minimal use of materials, and efficiency in distribution, the Tetra Classic Aseptic 65ml Cube package provides a simple answer to the rising need of environmentally sound packages while saving costs for manufacturers.”

The new product is available now with hand packing for secondary boxes. In addition to the new package, Tetra Pak has partnered with Bauer to ensure that retailers are offered full-colour digital printing for its new carton packages.

“Many customers with existing Tetra Classic Aseptic filling machines can easily switch to this new package with limited investment.”