The Drivers Behind Consumer Purchasing Decisions

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New research has shown that consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions and buying products that align with their values. One specific segment consumers use to discern between the products they choose is through packaging. According to Innova, 39 percent of consumers stated that the planet's welfare was their first and foremost global concern. While value is the key determining factor behind purchasing decisions, sustainability increasingly plays an essential role in the planet's health in purchasing decisions surpassing human health and economic considerations.

The eco-conscious consumer can be appealed to through verified and trusted certifications that highlight the sustainability features of their products.

Trust in these eco-conscious claims that brand makes has grown, especially with younger demographics, the legitimacy of these claims in trusted certifiers is compounded as consumers become more knowledgeable and aware of what brands must do to earn these certifications and stamps on their packaging with Sixty percent of consumers stating that independent certification was extremely or vital to them.

Another significant factor that concerns the eco-conscious consumer is food waste. Two in three consumers said they were prepared to pay more for products designed to fight food waste.

Forty-six percent of consumers have minimised food waste in the last year to support the environment or personal situation, and another 39 percent have upcycled and recycled items for the same reason. This demonstrates that consumer interest and passion for sustainability has continued to grow and projects a strong likelihood that it will continue along the same upward trajectory.

Furthermore, different packaging characteristics drive consumers to spend more, with Innova's most recent 2023 Packaging Survey revealing that the three most significant packaging qualities consumers are prepared to pay more for are ones that preserve food quality, are sustainable regarding recycling and reusability, and the enhancement of shelf life. These qualities support the overarching consumer concern of reducing food waste and caring for the planet.